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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to common questions are below. If you dont find the answer to your question please contact us.

How much is Postage?

Postage will be calculated during checkout. Postage is free on orders over $300 excluding the following bulky items: Rebounders, Water filters, Juice Extractors/Blenders.


Can my shipping details be recorded so that I don't have to re-enter them each time I place my order?

Yes! This is done by registering your details. Please follow these steps:

1. Click on register link (located at the bottom right of any page)

2. Enter your details and create a username & pass word then click on the submit button

3. You will be sent a link via email that you need to click on to confirm your email address.

4. We will approve your rigistration after checking that all details have been entered.

5. Next time you visit the website click- Login (located at the bottom right of any page) Enter the username and password you created and the login link will change to read-Logged in

Now when you check out all your details will be automatically populated in the correct fields.


What products should I take?

The following acronym describes four essential products

C-Chlorophyll either liquid Chlorophyll or a good greens powder

O-Oils hemp oil is one of the best! Find it under the personal care category

W-Water (alkaline) either alkaline plasma drops or a water ioniser

S-Salts natural sea salt is important but one of the fastest ways of alkalising the body is by using the pHour salts


Many other products are important and some of them target specific problems.

Phlush powder- this product is great for relieving constipation

clay or zeolite- these products are great for detoxing heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

L-Arginine max- this product is great for circulation and contains 5000iu of vitamin D which many people are lacking; it also contains magnesium for strengthening bones Q10 and B vitamins for energy and much more!


Can the blood Microscopy be done if I live outside of Victoria?

Phil Burton travels to Sydney when enough clients are requesting appointments to be done. He is also available to travel to other locations but a minimum of 12 people are needed. Many people fly to Melbourne to have the blood Microscopy done. If you live outside of Victoria or overseas we may be able to put you in contact with a blood Microscopist in your area.

People often ask if they can post their blood to us to check?

The simple answer is no. Specific techniques are used to obtain the sample correctly and the live blood needs to be looked at within the first two hours of extraction.